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Window cleaning service

The answer is a professional high rise window cleaning service. A high rise window cleaning service uses specialized equipment to access and clean the windows of tall buildings. The employees of high rise window cleaning services are trained in the proper methods and techniques that are involved in the cleaning process. Window cleaning, Miami and elsewhere, in high-rise buildings, can be a dangerous task without the properly trained professional.

High rise window cleaning services are used to clean the windows of hotels, condominiums, shopping malls and universities. High rise window cleaners use products that remove hard water stains, salt residue, dust, and pollen. The products they use do not leave streaks or soapy residue on the windows. Some high rise window cleaning companies also offer interior window cleaning services will other companies only focus on cleaning the exterior windows.​

Many factors must be taken into account when cleaning the windows of high rise buildings. Some of the factors include the shape or design of the building, the obstacles on the property such trees and parking lots, the daily activity associated with the construction and the weather conditions. Each factor affects the amount of time that is needed to access and clean the windows. To eliminate the daily activity and weather condition factors a lot of high rise window cleaning, Miami and beyond, is done at night and on the weekends.

High rise window cleaning is considered to be a preventative maintenance measure that is intended to keep windows from becoming deteriorated. Most high rise window cleaning services are performed about twice a year on existing buildings. Newly constructed or remodeled buildings should be cleaned up to four times in their first year of existence and then twice a year after that. The sealant that is used in the windows in newly constructed and remodeled buildings can run and cause stains which may become etched into the glass and cannot be removed.

High rise window cleaning, Miami and elsewhere, requires strict safety standards. The employees of high rise window cleaning services must undergo safety training, and they must be insured because the occupation is very high risk.

There are many safety concerns associated with high rise window cleaning. The primary safety concern is making sure the window cleaners do not fall while performing their jobs. To keep this from happening, the window cleaners are attached to two separate security lines which are anchored to the roof of the building. Each line connected to the anchors has a minimum breakage strength of 10,000 pounds. Another major concern associated with high rise window cleaning is the safety of the people and property on the ground below the window cleaners. To reduce the risk of injury and damage to the people and assets below, every piece of equipment that is used to clean the windows is attached to the people cleaning the windows. Even if the equipment were to slip out of the hands of the cleaners it will not fall to the ground.

High rise window cleaning requires the use of specialized equipment to properly perform the job. Some of the equipment used includes bosun’s chairs, man-lifts, ladders and water-fed extension poles. The most widely used piece of equipment in high rise window cleaning is the bosun’s chair. The bosun’s chair also called a boatswain’s chair, features a rigid seat that a person sits in and ropes which are used to raise and lower the person while they are cleaning the windows. The chair’s setup is easy and quick when compared to other types of equipment used in high rise window cleaning, Miami-based and everywhere else. The chair is also less obstructing and is not as noticeable to people inside and below the building as stage scaffolding. The bosun’s chair is considered to be the safest piece of equipment used for high rise window cleaning. The user wears a full body harness which is attached to a security line that is anchored to the roof. The bosun’s chair is used when windows cannot be reached with ladders or by using extension poles

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Since window cleaners have to work at such great heights, there’s an array of tools and equipment that they have to carry while working on buildings. A typical window cleaner’s equipment consists of a rope protector, a safety rope, a rope-grabbing tool, a descent mechanism, lanyard and suction cups. These tools not only protect workers from any untoward incidents, but also help them clean a building’s facade at a rapid speed with great efficiency.

While working on the facade of a building, the worker is attached to an anchor, which is mounted on the roof. This anchor ensures that the workers can clean windows as they descend vertically. You have probably noticed that window cleaners don’t descend smoothly; they proceed to the next, lower floors in a fashion that appears as though they are ‘dropping’ through each floor one at a time. The height of a single drop – the measurement of one vertical cleaning operation from the roof to the floor below – varies according to the building in question.


At first, cleaners used to stand on the window ledges and hold onto the frame for support to clean windows. Imagine that! This was obviously not a very safe method to clean the windows of tall buildings, so leather belts were eventually introduced. These belts, attached to anchor bolts, held the worker safely in air. Later still, scaffolds were introduced for even more safety and convenience.

Nowadays, there are different ways in which window cleaning is done based on certain requirements. The type of working mechanism depends entirely on how the work is to be done. The most common window-washing mechanisms are: Bosun’s chair, boom, carriage and portable davit.

Bosun’s chair is a modern invention and is meant for a single washer. It offers access to tight areas of an edifice, while keeping the washer safely seated in a comfortable position. It’s ideal for conditions of prolonged and dedicated window cleaning.

‘Boom’ is the oldest and most commonly used mechanisms historically. It consists of a scaffold that carries multiple washers and therefore allows a group to work simultaneously. Note that this is a permanent system, i.e., it is fixed on the roof of the building to be used as and when required.

‘Carriage’, on the other hand, is a better alternative that is becoming increasingly popular these days. The carriage is mounted atop a rail on the roof, allowing it to move left and right over the facade. Just like a Boom, it not only holds multiple washers at a time, but also offers a clear advantage over a Boom in terms of movement. A Portable davit is the cheapest mechanism among these options; it also enables access to multiple areas of a facade while carrying a group of washers.

Let's face a simple fact; a vast number of windows that need cleaning are out of the reach of hands, poles and even ladders. Windows on office buildings and other commercial facilities can only be reached with special equipment like window cleaning platforms, powered lifts, or even bosun chairs hanging from the roofs with ropes, these are commonly referred to as chairs. In some cities the chairs are subject to local laws; be sure to check with your local OSHA office before you consider using this equipment in your city. Be sure to take safety training classes designed for your geography.

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The bosun's chair derived its name from the olden days of saling ships; the Boatswain (or Bosun) was the petty officer on a merchant ship responsible for maintenance and related work; he was the most likely to ride a chair up the mast to work on the rig. Bosun's chairs are still used on sailboats today. They are also a key element in chair access work. The Window Cleaner sits on the chair and lowers himself down a building to clean the windows. The chairs can come with hooks for tools and buckets, padding and safety belts. A fall-protection harness must be worn at all times.

Safety Harnesses

AVATAR FULL BODY HARNESS  The Avatar is a one of a kind harness with an array of basic design and not so subtle features that make it the most versatile, comfortable, and useful harness you‘re ever likely to wear. Available as ‘Seat only‘ or with your choice of Chest Harnesses to meet NFPA Class III and ANSI fall protection standards. Black and Safety Yellow. Comes with a convenient storage-carry bag.​


Descenders allow the operator to slowly descend down a properly anchored rope in a controlled manner. There are two basic types of Descenders, Cylinder and Rack Systems. When using Cylinders, the rope wraps around a shaft, it slides around the shaft and gently lowers the worker. Rack Systems feature at least four parallel bars that the rope is woven through; these bars slide up and down the bracket and cause resistance, like the shaft on the cylinders. Racks also offer a controlled descent. Lately, newer models with brakes have also been introduced.



This kit offers the basics you need for fall protection on a roof​

How is the Commercial Window Cleaning for High Rise Buildings

Window washing and cleaning makes the building’s architectural glass free from dust and dirt. Glass is used primarily for lighting, structural, and enhancing purposes.

Situated in a skyscraper is a good height for the office. The view you can see the whole city is fantastic scenery to behold. It creates an aesthetic natural beauty beneficial to employees and visitors. It feels great because of height and of course no outside noise can come in. The place is also secured for more privacy.window cleaning a high rise building

The traditional way of cleaning office windows cannot be applied to high rise windows. The reason is because windows are extremely inaccessible. Cleaning the windows from outside requires special tools in going up and it’s really unsafe. Only the experts can do this incredible job, with all their skills and special body movements when doing it.

Special services provided are done in a workplace high from the ground. So if you have a company in high rise you must take this job into consideration. Find out why cleaning services are so significant and can’t be entrusted to anyone. It is reasonable to get cleaning services from specialists.

miami Commercial Window Cleaning for High Rise Buildings

Today’s window cleaning environment is very dangerous and can cause high fall any time to the workers. For this matter, leave all the risks in the hands of those experienced building climbers. With them, your big glass windows are evenly cleaned, including the sidings and corners, inside and outside.

In cleaning services, the provider will use distinct tools appropriate for the height, size, and materials of the windows. For instance, window cleaners can use long tools that can clean and reach up high windows, without using or setting up scaffolding. However, there are some instances where using scaffolding is more important—for security reasons.

Keeping your high rise windows clean is very important for the business. As stated, one great advantage in a high rise area is the wide beautiful view that excites guests and workers. This is not helpful if your glass windows are sticky, dirty, and dull. You can’t see the fullness of the view because of unclear windows. It sends the ugly and different impression.

Commercial Window Cleaning for High Rise Buildings Miami

Keeping your office windows clean and fresh attracts more clients and good opportunities. It is actually one way of improving the entire workplace. Having flawless glass around your place is a cool setting that results to employees’ productivity and efficiency.

There are many commercial window cleaning companies out there offering their services. Unfortunately, not all have the modern equipment and access skilled cleaners to do high rise cleaning for the clients. It helps to scrutinize the contractor carefully before getting their services.

Let's face a simple fact; a vast number of windows that need cleaning are out of the reach of hands, poles and even ladders. Windows on office buildings and other commercial facilities can only be reached with special equipment like window cleaning platforms, powered lifts, or even bosun chairs hanging from the roofs with ropes, these are commonly referred to as chairs. In some cities the chairs are subject to local laws; be sure to check with your local OSHA office before you consider using this equipment in your city. Be sure to take safety training classes designed for your geography.​

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