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Offering our clients over 12 years of experience, we guarantee the almost customer satisfaction with our trademark brand of precise, detail-orientated cleaning the likes that will Cleaning has provided cleaning services to home-owners and businesses from Miami Beach, to Fort Lauderdale. Our contractors have been expertly trained in both normal, and high-rise window cleaning Miami lakes; our specialty. Using a variety of ropes, seats, and harnesses, our people, who are licensed and insured, can attack any building, big or small, with the utmost confidence and proficiency.


highrise window cleaning miami lakes

highrise window cleaning miami lakes

Our equipment is reliable, that is a fact. The tools we use to provide our clients with stellar, sparkling windows are second to none; the standard for all professional window cleaning companies: mops, squeegees, buckets, and soap. These unassuming objects, in the hands of a pro, can grant a luxurious radiance to any establishment, whether they be commercial or residential.
Of course, we at Sanchez Window Cleaning are not only limited to High Rise window cleaning Miami. Our company also specializes in residential pressure cleaning. With the use of high-power hoses and engines, we transform any darkened rooftop, or driveway, into a glowing patch of heaven. No stone is left unturned, literally. We pride ourselves in our detail-orientated approach to pressure washing your property, our extensive history of customer satisfaction can attend to that.
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We are Sanchez Window Cleaning,
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