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We specialize in window clening, sign installation, high rise pressure cleanin in Miami We are insured and licensed to provide these services. We give free estimates along with other reasons to make our clients feel secure and get them know that they can count on us.

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Affordable commercial and residential window pressure cleaning services include high rise and roof cleaning

Pocket-friendly commercial & domestic window pressure cleaning in Miami including high rise & roof cleaning.

We’re pretty much confident that our window cleaning service will excel the quality & price of our business rivalries.

We will customize a service plan that best fit your budget and need while keeping your overall building maintenance in mind. Collectively, we can create a plan to meet your special needs and to lessen interference with your traffic, client, and personnel procedures. With us you also have the luxury to schedule our window cleaning service weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

Miami High Rise cleaning installation services

Been doing business with Sanchez for about 2 years now and he’s proven to be reliable while providing great service. Best of all he provides competitive pricing with quality work.

Aventura, FL

I manage various commercial and rental properties. I have used and been very satisfied with Sanchez Window Cleaning for several year now. When Sanchez says its done, it truly is done and done right. I have better things to do than run around checking up on jobs and getting however many estimates. He has proven to me his prices are fair for the work he does and I will be confident that all work is done properly. That alone saves me time and money making Sanchez Window Cleaning my go to company.

Miami, FL

Excelente servicio, excelente trato al cliente y lo mejor de todo son sus precios al alcance de cualquier bolsillo. Recomiendo esta compañía para estos servicios. Los volvería a contratar seguro.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Give us a call and get your budget under control 305-281-4120

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