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Sign installation service Miami

How we installed the sign

We have all the necessary equipment in order to perform our services of sign installation service in Miami and all Dade County. With over more than ten years of ten years of experience in installing sign, big or small; the quality of our installations can be seen in our clients’ satisfaction.

Method of Sign Installation Service(s):

When installing a large banner, we need three people to help hold it up while our installers hang off the building face with their equipment. They start by securing the banner by the top, then the sides, and finally the bottom, using screws, ropes, tape, or whatever is deemed necessary.

Prices for Sign Installation Service(s):

Our affordable prices are among the best all-around in all of Miami due to the fact that we don’t rely on expensive machinery like lifts, or scaffolding; we use our trusty high-rise equipment (seats, ropes, and harnesses).

We start by sending our clients a FREE proposal, informing them of price, a factor determined by the size of the banner and conditions of the building, along with other details our supervisor takes into account.

Apart from lending our exclusive services to Miami-Dade, we also specialize in installing signs; we build the signs’ support/frame ourselves out of wooden planks and beams.

NOTE: Our Company is licensed and insured to ensure hassle-free transactions and client peace of mind.

One of our first customers was the campaign of the former Gov. Charlie Crist back in 2004. Later on, we’ve had many other prominent personalities call for our services such as Miami mayor, Jose Cancela, and Miami Heat basketball player, Shaquille O’Neil!

Simply give us your instructions, and we guarantee you excellent results.

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